Thank you to all who participated and contributed to this successful event. Stay connected for updates on future events. We look forward to welcoming you again!

We are very excited to announce the FENS Satellite Symposium on Neuronal Motor Circuits, the day before the main FENS meeting.

This FENS satellite event will bring together scientists interested in motor circuits across scales, species, regions of the nervous system, and granularity. Presentations will highlight this diversity in the areas of sensory-motor integration; development and evolution of cell types and connectivity; pathological and physiological plasticity; and motor planning and execution. Researchers at all career levels are encouraged to apply but preference for talks will be given to early career researchers (young group leaders, postdocs, students) to present their recent research.

We aim exclusively for an in-person event.

Organizing Committee:
Lora Sweeney (ISTA)
Rune Berg (University of Copenhagen)
Julien Bouvier (CNRS Paris)
Graziana Gatto (University Hospital Cologne)
Maarten Zwart (Centre of Biophotonics St Andrews)

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